Undergraduate Incomplete Grades

Policy number: AA025EN
Review date: Fall 2023
Issuing office: Academic Affairs


The grade of “Incomplete” (IN) is assigned in those cases where the requirements for a course have not been completed for justifiable reasons or for extraordinary circumstances beyond the student's control. 

The grade of “Incomplete” will eventually become an “F,” unless the work is completed by the deadline set by the instructor. This deadline can be no later than the date of the midterm grade-reporting period for the semester immediately following the term in which the “Incomplete” was assigned. 


Graduate Incomplete Grades

Policy number: AA043EN
Review date: Fall 2023
Issuing office: Academic Affairs


AUP is committed to ensuring student success. When extenuating circumstances prevent completion of a course, a student may be granted a temporary “Incomplete” grade and extended deadline to complete coursework. However, to ensure that students complete their degrees in a reasonable amount of time, this policy specifies the maximum number of incompletes that a graduate student is permitted to have at the end of each semester. 

Graduate students who have more than one incomplete grade at the end of the semester will be put on academic probation for the following semester. The student will be required to meet with his or her advisor, program director, and the Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs during the first week of the following semester at latest to discuss his or her academic situation, and to create a fixed timeline for completion of all outstanding coursework. 

All incomplete grades will be changed to F grades at midterm of the following semester. The student will be taken off of probation and the transcript reference to probation will be removed at the end of the following semester if he or she (1) successfully completes all outstanding work within the agreed timeline, and (2) successfully completes all outstanding and current coursework to the standards as defined in the policy AA007EN - Probation & Dismissal.

Please note that the following courses are excluded from the overall count of incomplete grades:

  • CM 5063 Sustainable Development Practicum
  • BA/CM/PO 5095 Thesis (and extensions)
  • BA/CM/PO 5098 Internship (and extensions)
  • BA/CM/PO 5980 0-Credit Internship (and extensions)
  • BA/CM/PO 5900 Directed Study (upon advanced permission from the Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs)